Green Coffee

Our conviction to support those who cultivate and work the land to obtain better products over time, has motivated us to support farmers more, in the case of specialty coffees, we have 250 producers who are rewarded with each sale made by MAUNAZ to through better prices paid for their coffees, since it is the client who, based on a base price, offers bonuses that are delivered directly to those who harvested and worked the coffees sold.

In addition, the specialty coffees are prepared in microlots, of the Bourbon, Gueisha, Caturra, Típica and Tabi varieties, according to the customer’s selection, so that they can achieve the best coffee. In greater volume we offer coffee variety Colombia, Castillo and Cenicafe.

For the 2021-2022 harvest, we started with a NIZZU ARHUACO coffee project that seeks to open an international market and reward the “Torres” family (Arhuaco producers) from the Monte Crespo area, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with bonuses paid voluntarily. by the client, for the Torres Arhuaca family to invest in their production or growth as a society.

We have 4 high-quality organic coffee associations, with origins in Huila and Sierra Nevada, which bring together more than 400 Colombian producers, who do not use chemicals in their crops and strive for sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production.

We have our own farm that guarantees production, excellent quality rates and availability of coffee

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Roasted and ground coffee beans

We roast, grind and pack at origin, special coffees grown in different areas of the country, which have differentiating aspects that allow you to taste varied flavors, acidity and aromas without losing the specialty of Colombian coffee.

Some of our origin coffees…

Samarian Coffee

Organic Coffee, from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Sweet and soft. We roast this coffee every fortnight, always fresh.

Available in presentations for consumption at home, sale in stores, Hotels and Restaurants. Packaged in a resealable bag that can be reused at home.


Weight Description
50 gr
Bag in multilayer packaging, ideal for souvenirs
226 gr
Resealable bag, with degassing valve, in kraft paper
454 gr
Resealable bag, with degassing valve, in kraft paper
2500 gr
Kraft paper bag

Café Nizzu

NIZZU coffees have different origins, notes, flavors and acidity. According to the variety and the region of Colombia where their coffee beans were grown.


Weight Description
340 gr
Bag in multilayer flexible packaging,
with degassing valve and resealable tape.
500 gr
Bag in multilayer flexible packaging, with degassing valve and resealable tape

Origin Coffee

We roast and grind specialty coffee from Sierra Nevada, Antioquia, Caldas, Tolima, Huila, Nariño or Cundinamarca, all with the authentic Colombian flavor but with unique aromas and notes of their origin that make them different.

You just have to tell us what your best coffee is for you and you will be able to taste it very soon.


Weight Description
453 gr
Bag in flexible multilayer packaging, with degassin valve and resealable tape
1000 gr
Bag in flexible multilayer packaging


The banana we sell is of the Cavendish variety, grown in Colombia in the department of Magdalena, on farms that are concerned with complying with good agricultural practices, authorized by the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario ICA as an export farm, certified with GLOBAL GAP and some simultaneously with Rainforest and / or Fairtrade.


Weight Material
13 Kg
Cardboard box
18 Kg
Cardboard box


Sugar Mango

It is a tropical fruit, cultivated in the department of Magdalena on the La Madonna farm, which has more than 25 years of history, has all the necessary permits to supply the North American market, the European Union, among others. 

Its flavor is sweet, with little fiber, good aroma, it is fresh, juicy and plump. The harvest is in the months of April to August and a small one between November and December. It is transported by air.

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Weight Material
2 Kg
Cardboard box
2,5 Kg
Cardboard box



El plátano de la variedad Hartón, cultivado en la principal zona productora de Colombia;  Zona de Urabá del departamento de Antioquia, proveniente de fincas especializadas en el producto, es cultivado en fincas que se preocupan por cumplir con las buenas prácticas agrícolas, autorizadas por el Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario ICA como predio exportador, certificadas con GLOBAL GAP.


Peso Material
25 Kilos
Caja de cartón

Frozen fruit and fruit pulp

We offer 100% fruit pulp and frozen pieces of fruit, we buy from farmers to directly recognize their supply of an exportable product, we have maquiladoras that guarantee the quality and traceability of the frozen products that we sell.

Available fruits: Mango, Soursop, grape, blackberry, strawberry, red fruits, passion fruit, gulupa, cholupa, curuba, passion fruit, pineapple, fruit mix.


Weight Material
100 gr
Plastic bag
300 gr (3x100 gr.)
Plastic bag
397 gr
Plastic bag
500 gr
Plastic bag
1 Kg
Plastic bag
10 bolsas de 100 gr c/u
Cardboard box and plastic bag

Tenemos disponibilidad para empacar en otras presentaciones, según sus requerimientos.


Nuestras frutas y verduras deshidratadas son productos saludables ya que mantienen las propiedades de las frutas y verduras frescas; se pueden consumir en cualquier momento como snack o utilizarlas en la industria de alimentos para relleno de chocolates, repostería, panadería, granola, barras energéticas, batidos, ensaladas, cocteles entre otros.

La presentación de nuestros productos deshidratados incluyen rodajas, trozos, hojuelas, cabellos de ángel, polvo, granulados, entre otros.

Algunos usos de nuestros
productos deshidratados

Frutas Exóticas

Todos nuestros cocos son cultivados en la Sierra Nevada de Santa, y de estos extraemos los siguientes derivados:

Aceite de coco

Nuestro aceite no tiene aditivos, presenta un sabor intenso, es ideal para uso culinario ya que resiste temperaturas de 200 °C, es útil en la industria alimenticia para la panadería, repostería o la cosmética. Contamos con disponibilidad de aceite refinado y prensado en frío.

Concentrado de coco

Nuestro concentrado es un producto diferenciador para los amantes del arroz con coco; funciona para cualquier plato culinario que su receta presente el coco. El producto tiene vida útil de un año y es 100% natural, con nuestro producto se obtiene de inmediato un sabor a coco natural de fácil preparación, ideal para la industria de alimentos, hoteles y restaurantes.

Harina de coco

Nuestra harina no tiene conservantes ni se mezcla con otros aditivos haciendo de nuestra harina de coco un alimento saludable sin comprometer las propiedades del coco. Ideal para la industria de alimentos a usarse en repostería y panadería