About us

We are...

MAUNAZ is an exporter of healthy foods and friends of the organic, we buy directly from farmers and allies who grow, harvest and / or produce quality food, which we monitor and ensure to deliver a reliable product.

Our location allows us to offer a variety of fresh and frozen products that will be available at any time of the year.

We promote fair trade, we are interested in creating value for the company, farmers, maquiladoras, producers and buyers.

We have more than 16 years of experience in the export process that is why we offer commercial support and we are in search of new products.

¿Why Maunaz?

Our name was inspired by MAUNA KEA. Inactive volcano located on the island of Hawaii, at an altitude of more than 10,000 m from its base to the bottom of the ocean, which exceeds the height of Everest (8,848 m).

Mauna Kea is one of the most important sites for land-based astronomy in the world, with telescopes operated by astronomers from eleven countries.

MAUNAZ goes from A to Z because our entire value chain (farmers, transporters, balers, logistics companies and customers) obtains direct benefits from our businesses.

Extensive experience serving
the needs of our clients

Our mission

Marketing healthy and quality foods in the world, which generate a high level of satisfaction for the entire chain, managing businesses that create value for the company, farmers, maquiladoras, producers and buyers

Our vision

To be in 2024 the main Colombian international marketer of healthy foods, with recognition and distinction in international markets.

Our values


We express the truth


Responsible for society and the environment


We commit and comply


We love what we do

Our allies

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We know the importance of a good product and optimal logistics times. We have the experience in each of the necessary processes to offer guaranteed satisfaction to our customers.


Yes, we can deliver to any delivery point (incoterm), we have an international supply chain with extensive experience with whom we can deliver to the door of your business. You can consult more information in the contact us link.

Of course we do, we pack you in the packaging you prefer and with your own brand

Yes, we adjust to your needs.

Yes, we are always ready to receive you and show you the origin of our products.

Yes, we are willing to know your product, there will always be a market for quality products, we constantly have new customer requirements in various parts of the world and we are constantly searching for new business.

Likewise, if you want to be part of our logistics, we receive proposals.

We consider that our suppliers are strategic allies with shared purposes.

Please send us your information in the link to be our supplier

Of course, we are experts in that, we have a working group with more than 16 years of experience that will support you in the process from exporting self-diagnosis to obtaining clients abroad.

Please send us your information in the commercial support link.

Yes, it would be a pleasure to start a commercial contact and we would like to meet you, please go to the link contact , send us your request and you will soon get an answer

Yes of course! We would love to meet you in person, please go to the contact link, send us your request and you will soon get an answer.

Of course, we have extensive contacts with farmers, associations and unions in the agri-food sector with whom we can manage your request and send you a proposal very soon.

Please go to the contact link, send us your request and you will soon get an answer.